A large part of our business is performing regular servicing on cars, vans, 4 x 4s and light trucks.
In New Zealand we have a very diverse range of vehicles and people use their vehicles in lots of different ways, from driving to the supermarket once a week to commercial vehicles that work hard every day. At Wenzlick Automotive we try to provide the correct level of servicing to cater to our individual customers needs so that you are not paying for things that aren’t necessary. On the other hand we are ensuring that your vehicle is maintained to a high standard and will continue to be reliable and as efficient as possible. We only use quality lubricants and products on your vehicle that we have tried and tested. This allows us to guarantee a top quality job.

Our Standard Service will include:

• Engine oil and filter change
• Check transmission and diff oil levels/condition
• Visual inspection of suspension and brake components
• Grease chassis
• Check tyre condition and adjust pressures
• Check coolant level and condition
• Check condition of cooling system components
• Refill windscreen washer reservoir
• Inspect power steer oil level/condition
• Remove, clean or replace air filter
• Test battery condition/clean terminals
• Inspect auxiliary drive belts
• Check/replace fuel filter
• Reset service indicator
• Check wiper blades and clean windscreen
• Lubricate hinges and linkages
• Add Fuel treatment to fuel system

Other items may need to be checked or replaced on some vehicles, also on certain services according to the vehicles age and mileage. We will give you professional advice if or when these are required.

If you are on a tight budget we can perform what is sometimes called a Basic Service. This would include:

• Engine oil and filter change
• Visual check of under bonnet fluid levels
• Check/adjust tyre pressures