Dyno Tuning

What is a dyno?
A dyno is a device that measures the power and torque output of an engine. At Wenzlick Automotive we use what is called a chassis dyno. This is a dyno that the vehicle is connected to via the driving wheels. The other type is called an engine dyno which requires the engine to be removed from the vehicle. These are normally slightly more accurate but far less practical in most situations.

What is the difference between a tune and a dyno tune?
By using our dyno we are able to drive the vehicle as if it were on the road while having various test equipment connected to measure how the engine is performing. We are able to run the vehicle at any load and speed without being limited by legal speed limits or road rules.
A normal tune doesn’t incorporate such in depth testing and measurement.

Dyno tuning facilities and tools.
Wenzlick Automotive uses a state of the art Dyno Torque 2WD dyno with specially knurled rollers to prevent wheel slip. It uses weather correction to optimize accuracy and can log air/fuel ratio, boost pressure and vacuum.
We can overlay graphs from each dyno run to easily compare results. A large 900mm diameter 4 kilowatt fan is used to ensure accurate results and keep the engine and drive train components cool.
We use digital knock detection equipment to monitor detonation and ensure safe and reliable results.

Dyno Tuning Carbureted Vehicles.
At Wenzlick Automotive we have been dyno tuning vehicles for over 30 years. A lot of this time has been spent working with carburetors and is still a large part of our business. We carry a full range of Holley jets and parts and a range of Weber parts. For any other carburetor brands we have various parts in stock and are normally able to source or adapt parts to suit.

Dyno Tuning EFI Vehicles.
These days fuel injection and electronic ignition control are very common and there are many options when it comes to optimizing the tune on these vehicles. Some vehicles can be tuned by using special software to alter the factory settings in the original vehicle ECU.
Another option is to fit what is called a Piggy Back ECU to the vehicle. This involves connecting a small ECU into the existing system and then using a laptop computer to alter and optimize the factory tune.
There is also the option of fitting an aftermarket ECU which allows full tune ability of the engine via a laptop computer. There are numerous brands available and they vary in price and features. Aftermarket ECUs require connecting to the engine sensors and actuators. Normally this is done by connecting the wiring harness to the existing vehicle harness. However some aftermarket ECUs are able to be plugged straight into the existing vehicle ECU connector. This saves time during the installation process.
At Wenzlick Automotive we can tune most brands. We have extensive experience with Link and EMS.

V8 Custom Tuning.
If you drive a V8 Commodore and want more power and economy we can satisfy your needs. We use EFI Live tuning software to optimize the factory tune for each individual customer’s requirements.This software also inables us to custom tune most other GM vehicles with LS1 LS2 LS3 L76 series engines. We can also reprogram the automatic transmission in these vehicles to change shift patterns, lock up clutch engagement etc.
Diesel Tuning.
Diesel engines often respond very well to optimisied tune settings. On older mechanical systems we can make adjustments to maximise the engine torque and  performance. With the latest common rail technology there are several options if you want more performance and we would gladly discuss the pros and cons with you.

Why Change the Factory Settings.
Factory tune settings are designed to allow the engine to operate over a wide range of conditions with a wide range of driving styles and different qualities of fuels. The same tune has to be used to tow a trailer up a steep hill in the middle of summer for one customer and also cruise down to the supermarket for a different customer. To ensure reliability over this wide range of operating conditions that are out of the manufactures control they must build a high degree of safety into the factory tune. Based on how the vehicle is used we will design a tune to optimize the power and economy while maintaining reliability. Often the vehicle has had other modifications and in these cases the gains to be had by retuning are even more impressive.